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Orthodontics is described as “the treatment of irregularities in the teeth and jaws”.

This can be as little as aligning a couple of protruding teeth to jaw realignment and everything in between.

The majority of patients seek help as they are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, essentially they would like a nicer smile.

The goal of orthodontic treatment is to achieve harmony and balance between the teeth and face, in other words, a beautiful smile. Our teeth serve many functions. A smile that is well aligned is also healthy. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and free of harmful plaque that causes decay and gum disease. Well aligned teeth and jaws provide optimal function, tooth wear is greatly reduced, and the jaw joints are allowed to function with less stress and greater comfort.

For most people, a spectacular smile is the most obvious benefit of orthodontics. Nobody can deny that straight teeth are visually appealing. A beautiful smile leads to enhanced self-esteem, and is universally accepted sign of health and beauty. When teeth and bite aren’t straight, health, function and aesthetics are compromised. After your braces come off, you’ll definitely feel more self-confident!

Private Orthodontic treatment in London, Canary Wharf, Limehouse and the Royal Docks is not just for teenagers, its for all ages, over 70% of our patients are adults, etc.

As a private patient you will have a choice of a wide range of the latest braces including clear and invisible, additional clinical time and appointments suit to you.

Dr Cox is happy to see Private patients referring themselves or referrals from dentists.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment include:

Crooked or crowded teeth, protruding teeth can be prone to damage, missing or extra teeth, incorrect bites.

  • Removal of dental crowding or closing spaces.
  • Alignment of the upper and lower dental arches.
  • Correction of the bite of the teeth so that the front teeth meet on closing and the back teeth mesh together.
  • Reducing the risk of damage to prominent teeth.
  • Enhancing facial aesthetics.
  • Accommodating impacted, unerupted or displaced teeth.
  • Preparation for advanced dental treatment, such as crowns, bridges or dental implants.
  • Reversing the drifting of the teeth in older patients who have suffered from advanced gum disease.

These are some of the most common reasons patients seek treatment:

    • Protruding upper front teeth (Overjet) – one of the most common dental problems.
    • Crowding – a narrow jaw may mean there is not enough room for your teeth, resulting in crowding. Conversely, some patients have significant gaps between their teeth.
    • Asymmetry – particularly when the centre lines of the upper and lower front teeth do not match, perhaps because the teeth have drifted or the position of the jaw has shifted.
    • A deep bite (Overbite) – when your upper teeth cover the lower teeth too much.
    • A reverse bite (Lower Jaw Protrusion) – when your upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth.
    • An open bite – when your front teeth remain apart when your back teeth meet; the tongue is often still visible between the upper and lower front teeth.
  • Impacted teeth – in some patients, secondary teeth come through in the wrong position or do not erupt at all. Orthodontic treatment can help bring these teeth into the correct position.
  • Gaps, missing or extra teeth.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Dr Shirley Cox provides a full range of orthodontic teeth straightening dental treatments, for both adults and children. We take our own private patients, and referrals from dentists who focus on other aspects of dentistry.

The following is an overview of the considerations that people might want to take into account when thinking about Orthodontic teeth straightening.

But deciding on a course of treatment will usually involve the following;

Clinical considerations

  • Ease of hygiene through the treatment.
  • Length of treatment; varying completely between 6 and 18 months, brackets can be slightly quicker, for example.
  • Healthy gums and bone are required, as orthodontic treatments could make it worse if unhealthy.
  • For overcrowding, unsightly or misaligned teeth, extraction is a last, but sometimes necessary, option.
  • Levels of discomfort experienced.

Cost Considerations

  • Longer orthodontic treatments will generally cost more.
  • Budget of the patient, versus the long term benefits of the different treatments.

Personal Considerations

  • How many visits are required of the patient.
  • Events the patient may have coming up, weddings for example, see Wedding Smiles.
  • Retainers will be needed to be worn after treatment is finished.

There are sometimes alternatives
Taking the above considerations into account, our patients need never feel limited in their choice of treatment, our advice will always suit their priorities.

In addition, there are both alternative and complementary treatments that may achieve desired results.

For instance, Dental Implant technology works well with Orthodontics. For missing teeth, orthodontics works beautifully to widen and provide gaps of the correct size with which to fill with implants for the perfect smile. It can create the perfect blend of form and function.

You can imagine the difference for people who have put up with missing teeth for all their life!

Why not contact us with any questions, or to book a free orthodontic assessment consultation, tel. 020 7481 1013 or email

Self Referral — Refer Yourself to Our Practice

There is no need to be referred by your own dentist for private Orthodontic treatment with Dr Cox. We will accept a ‘self referral’, although we also welcome referrals from dentists.

We will require certain personal details from you in order for an appointment to be made – your name, date of birth, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, and how you heard about us.

A self-referral can be made either by telephoning, emailing or visiting the practice.

Your initial Consultation with Dr Cox a Specialist Orthodontist is free of charge.

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Dr Shirley Cox

BDS(Hons), FDS RCS (Eng), MSc(Lond), M Orth RCS(Eng), FDS Orth RCS (Eng)
GDC: 68425

Shirley qualified in Dentistry from The Royal London Hospital in 1992, achieved her M Orth specialist qualification in orthodontics and registered on the specialist list in Orthodontics in 2000. Shirley was appointed as Consultant Orthodontist at Barts Dental Hospital in 2004 and now works as an Orthodontic Consultant at the new Royal London Hospital site.

As a Consultant Orthodontist with over 20 years training Dentists and Orthodontists and her additional training in children’s dentistry Shirley is equipped with the skills to provide the very highest standards of patient care. Having orthodontic treatment with her means that you will be in the best possible hands.

Shirley is able to offer the very latest treatments available, enabling her to treat adult and child patients who have simple, moderate and complex needs and to improve both the appearance and the function of their teeth.

Being an Invisalign Platinum provider, Invisalign Teen accredited and member of the Invisalign London Specialist Orthodontist group put Shirley in a unique position to offer Invisalign treatment for a very wide range of cases.

“Patients in my care receive my personal attention at all times and are treated solely by me. I love to treat patients and help them achieve and keep for life the beautiful, healthier and happier smiles they desire. I look forward to meeting you and helping however I can.”

Outside of orthodontics Shirley lives locally with her husband and two teenage children. For many years Shirley has been a Local School Governor and organises a local book club. Shirley enjoys active holidays whether its walking in Norfolk, skiing in the Alps or exploring further afield with her family.

Shirley Cox

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